What’s it made of?

You are hiking up a steep mountain. The weather is cold and chilly even. But your feet are sweating. Not to mention the smell. Would you be able to have a good time?

The material with which the shoes are made is one of the important factors that turn an ordinary pair of shoes into best men’s hiking shoes. The way the shoes can make you feel is what attracts you towards them. It is not just about how attractive they look anymore. They should make you feel comfortable and secure on your feet. Your personal preference along with the kind of trail that you wish to walk on will directly decide the material with which the shoes are made.

Synthetic versus Leather

Hiking boots that hit the hard trail are made up of leather, preferably cowhide. The durability and the flexibility of the material keep the feet comfortable and agile. Curing process can be used to modify different types of leather to make them suitable for the hiking shoe.

The first thing to note about synthetic shoes is that there are no animal products in it. They are made completely from plastics such as nylon and polyester. Those who are against using animal products have a tendency to buy the synthetic version of hiking shoes.

The decision that is taken between a pair made from leather and that of synthetic material comes down to the individual. While leather hiking shoes are naturally water repellent and are strong enough to fight wear and tear for a considerable amount of time, synthetic shoes might not have these advantages. On the other hand, synthetic shoes are lighter in nature and comparatively more breathable.

When you are getting ready for some serious hiking and adventure, these factors have to be taken into consideration. What your shoes are made up of will decide the way your trip goes as well.